Feminity in difficult times

Breast & Health was founded by Dr. Christian Singer and has specialized in the treatment of women with breast disease and menopausal symptoms.

At Breast & Health you receive personal and competent medical care by specialists, and modern treatments that are custom-tailored to your personal needs. You can also expect a deep understanding of your complaints  and individual  requirements. After all, we at Breast & Health treat you as a woman and not only as a patient.

We know how much breast symptoms can be associated with uncertainty and fear. Breast & Health therefore offers you certainty through rapid diagnosis of suspicious breast lumps.

Continuous medical education and postgraduate training are essential to maintain high quality medicine and allow us to provide a high standard of care. Our co-operation with the Döbling Private Hospital  enables us to offer you direct access to a modern and comfortable private hospital.

Whether you come to us for questions regarding breast health, for menopausal symptoms, or for any other gynecological problem: we want to support you in being a woman - especially in times of transition.

Prof. Christian F Singer, MD, MPH