Feminity in difficult times

Women of today have little time for themselves. Job and family show hardly any understanding for individual needs, and often enough personal health requirements have to step behind. In addition, rigid office hours, long waiting times, and the perception of not being understood and appreciated can make a visit at a physician’s office an unpleasant experience.

Breast & Health is different. The concept of a private practice clinic allows us to develop a thorough understanding of your health problems and to respond to individual needs more extensively than public providers could ever do. At Breast & Health you receive state-of-the art treatment in a pleasant office setting, and the competent and empathic medical care that you deserve.

If you feel good about your body, you also feel better about yourself and the world around you. Women who care of themselves are much better prepared to master the challenges of daily life, and to enjoy the coming years in good health.

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We have time for you

·         time to listen

·         time for explanations

·         time for individual care

We fit your schedule

·         through individually arranged office hours

·         through minimal waiting time in the office 

·         through rapid scheduling of medical procedures

Our offer

·         state-of-the art medical treatment in a pleasant office setting

·         Competent and personalized advice and medical care 

·         Co-operation with renowned experts in other medical areas

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