Feminity in difficult times

Menopause is often put on a level with climacteric complaints such as heat flashes and sleep disturbances. These associations have a lot to do with the negative appreciation of ageing and little with reality. Menopause is, in fact, a normal phase in a woman´s life in which a new hormonal equilibrium is established. This transition period usually lasts several years and its first signs are very subtle.

For most women the cessation of the menses is equivalent with the loss of juvenility and attractiveness. For others, however, it suddenly opens a whole new view on life after years of child care and work-related stress: the coming years can offer the unique opportunity to confront with own need and to think about the realization of individual wishes. Many women are concerned about how to prevent age-related weight gain and bone loss, and how to maintain vitality and a youthful appearance already many years before the onset of menopause. It is the occurrence of the first climacteric symptoms, if not before, that the majority also wonders whether hormone replacement therapy (»HRT«) is an option for them.

Since recent scientific evidence suggests that many of the alleged advantages of HRTs do not hold true, the decision for hormone replacement has become more difficult. Alternative treatment options and lifestyle changes are becoming increasingly popular. However, regardless on whether synthetic hormones are used or natural remedies are chosen: when properly treated, 3 out of 4 women who have entered menopause will be energetic and vital, often even happier and healthier than before

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